Purchase Canadian Property for Pennies on the Loonie!

Buying tax foreclosure property in The United States has created many millionaires.  But, Canada’s tax sales have been largely overlooked because the information is not getting out.  There is a lot of money to be made investing in and purchasing property from the Canadian Government through Tax Sales, Sheriff Sales, Foreclosures, and Municipal Sales. Many properties can be purchased for between 60% and 90% of the fair market value. This represents a great opportunity to obtain land and homes at a substantial savings.

There is great risk when purchasing properties that you are not allowed to walk through first, but this is precisely why there is money to be made. All bidders should consider this hidden/unknown risk in their bidding process.

We started this site because we felt that information about Canadian Tax Sales are not being publicized effectively to Canadians or investors from the United States.  As a result, thousands of potential buyers remain uninformed about the auctions.

Each city, county, town, village, township and municipality in each province has their own way of dealing with tax defaulted property sales.  As a result, the information is spread out through several sources.  So, we have created this website to consolidate and bring Tax Sale information to both Canadians and The United States.

Currently, we offer three Provinces, but we are growing fast and other provinces will be added soon.

What are Tax sales?
Simply put, tax sales are public auctions where properties are sold, on the spot, to the highest bidder.  … townships and municipalities, in each province, compile a list of properties against which taxes have been outstanding for at least two to three consecutive years…(more)

Why don’t owners pay the taxes due?
There are many reasons why properties are sold for non-payment of taxes. Some of the most common ones are…(more)

How do I become an informed buyer?
Information makes all of the difference!  By becoming a premium subscriber of CanadaTaxSales.com, you will have access to…(more)

What types of properties are sold?
Tax sale properties can be found in every province. They can include vacant lands (such as bush lots and timberland), improved lands…(more)

How do you buy tax sale properties?
There are two ways in which tax authorities sell properties: either by public auction or public tender, with sealed/closed bids…(more)

How much can I save by purchasing tax sale properties?
By subscribing to The Canada Tax Sale Website, you will receive information regarding Tax Sale Properties being sold for delinquent taxes and/or debts, Sheriff sales (property seized by local authorities), and bank foreclosure sales.

Tax Sale Lists
Sheriff Sale Lists
Foreclosure Sale Lists
Municipal Sale Lists


  1. alramurelbey says:

    Any info on Ontario tax liens lists or municipal tax sales lists

  2. Ekene says:

    Québec info please

    • Lloyd says:

      I’ll look into that for ya. Try talking to your local municipality office’s Treasury manager. They may be able to point you in the right direction.

  3. Brad & Tammy Rutz says:

    We are interested in learning about how to buy tax lien property’s, and if you could give any resources to get us started would be appreciated.

    • Lloyd says:

      Well experience is a great teacher. I recommend that you attend a public Tender or live auction and see for yourself a little about the process. There are hundreds of books on the topic. My first transaction was for a piece of vacant land that cost me about $700. I did not risk a lot of money at first because I was not sure if it was real. Anyway, I learned a lot. Necessity is also a great teacher.

      There are some basic descriptions on my FAQ page but this site is for the experienced investor.

      I recommend “Flipping Houses for Canadians” It is part of the “For Dummies” series of books. There is a section of the book that talks about foreclosure auction purchases. We were a cited resource for the book.

      Good luck and feel free to email me specific questions.

  4. Gloria Wattie says:

    Alberta Tax Sales lists please

  5. Nella says:

    Please tell me where to purchase these liens because all I see is a bunch of advertising on Tax Lien Propertoes but NO PROPERTY TO PURCHASE…

  6. Tracy Farebrother says:

    I am looking for British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan Tax Sale Lists, Sheriff Sale Lists, Foreclosure Sale Lists, Municipal Sale Lists please and thank you.

    • Lloyd says:

      We are working on BC and SK. For now we just posted 90 property auction listings for Alberta today. I will be posting Sheriff sales for Ontario this weekend.

  7. Dwight says:

    I want to join your yearly program.

    I detest dealing with PayPal.

    Is there any other way I can pay you?

    Please email me at my email in case I miss this post.

    • Lloyd says:

      I don’t currently have another option. I’m not a huge fan of PayPal either but it intergrates easily with the software and website programming. I’ll look into other providing other options.

  8. Robert A says:

    I would like to cancel this membership, but I am getting a message that states I need to go to a Pay Pal interface! Can you cancel this for me please.


  9. Shannon U says:

    Is this website still operating? I don’t see any recent comments. Is there a contact phone number?

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